Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Guest review of High Corner House

One of my regular readers on here was out last night at the High Corner House in Llanharan and sent me the following micro blog of her evening. Mind I'm not sure I should advocate or promote anyone who orders their steak well done!

Mrs Helen Owen - take a bow

You will note she started eating before deciding to take a photograph

Andy this picture is just for you. I had the sirloin steak on the reccomendation of Mrs Esther Butcher. As you can see the plate was massive. had a double portion of mushrooms and onion rings due to the fact that many of the ladies did not like these which was a bonus from my point of view. Nice little side salad which was not really necessary but was a nice added touch. Contained both red and white onion so a lot of thought went into the preparation. Only one quarter of tomatoe which was slightly disappointing, none of the other ladies offered me their tomatoes, they obviously like those! My sirloin was very well done. The underneath was slightly charcoaled but still delicious (as I was starving). Now Mrs Joanna Evans on the other other hand had the Rib Eye steak, slightly dearer in price but well worth it. The little odd piece of steak you see in the picture is a piece of her rib eye that she kindly donated to me and very nice indeed it was. The stafff were absolutely fantastic, couldn't have offered any better service so they received a big tip indeed. An evening of great food and great company I highly recommend the High Corner, Llanharan.

The Square,
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