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Is this the best steak in Cardiff?

A blogger has been searching Cardiff recently for the best burger in the city. I have decided to up the 'steaks' (stakes get it? oh never mind). I want to know who produces not only the best quality of beef but also knows how to cook it.

I must say Miller and Carter in Cardiff Bay have in my opinion set the bar quite high for starters. Located across the road from the Red Dragon Centre this sometimes overlooked grill and steakhouse is a gem.

I visited there with a group of friends which was a good idea from a blogging perspective as it gave me the chance to view a number of the menu options. The website gives a good overview of the restaurant and has a variety of menus including; daytime, brunch, younger visitors as well as the main menu that we dined from.

The simply bread board with balsamic and olive oil is a good way to start your evening at £2.50 it is value for money and gives you the chance to nibble while you peruse the rest of the menu.

Starters ranged from £4.25 for a delicious baked cheddar mushrooms served with garlic ciabatta up to £8.95 for a spring onion risotto which to be honest would serve as a main. I have it on good authority that the buffalo wings ($4.95) were excellent though the diner in question was not open to a sharing option (you know who you are!)

Baked Cheddar Mushrooms

I chose these roasted button mushrooms in an Alfredo sauce topped with melted cheddar and served with garlic ciabatta. The ciabatta was toasted well and the garlic did not overpower the dish. The cream sauce was well made and because the mushrooms were roasted first they held their texture beautifully.

I can also recommend the Nacho sharing platter (£7.95). There were easily enough for two and in fact most of us had at least one in my case only in the interest of research obviously.

And so to the main event. The steaks are offered both on and off the bone and range in price from £9.95 for a 6oz rump right up to an eye watering £40.95 for a Chateaubriand. To be fair this is meant for sharing. My choice for the evening was a 12oz rump (£14.95) Something I found very useful is that the menu suggests how to have your particular steak cooked, so even if you are a novice there is no need to get that wrong.

Mine was cooked medium and was cooked to perfection. These chefs know how to prepare a cut of beef.

12oz Rump

The beef was moist and succulent and as the butter melted into the food it added a subtle addition to the flavour combinations.

You are regular readers will know of my aversion to frozen fries of any description and if anything were going to let this meal down I thought it was going to be that, however for once I was wrong. Crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside they complemented the meat well.

If I was being ultra picky I suppose I would have still preferred hand cut chunky chips but that is just me.

An addition to the plate is a slice of onion bread which is again tasty without distracting from the steak itself.

A range of sauces can be added to your meal for an extra £1.95 though with meat this good I would choose to leave it alone and allow the flavours to speak for themselves.

For those who prefer there is a burger option and if you are not a great steak lover don't be put off trying the restaurant as they also have a range of grill options. Amongst our party the Smokey Barbecue Chicken (£10.50) also proved to be a popular choice.

Smokey Barbecue Chicken
 In addition to all of this there are some good looking fish, pasta and salad options also available.

The desserts I have found in places like this are sometimes treated as a bit of an afterthought. Not so here. Prices range from £3.50 for ice cream to £5.50 for a beautifully crafted white chocolate box, shortbread topped with white chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis, with a white chocolate coating and served with a white chocolate sauce. Apologies for the lack of photograph, it had gone before I got the chance to take one.

A good old valley boy, who had not been here before, described his experience as "well good Grub". Coming from him that is high praise indeed.

So the gauntlet is laid down. Is this the best steak in Cardiff? I don't know but I intend over the coming months to have some fun trying to find out. If you have any recommendations of where I should go next on my carnivore odyssey then please do get in touch.

Miller and Carter
Hemingway Road
CF10 4JY
02920 045 1315

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