Monday, 10 December 2012

Miskin Manor

Hello dear foodies, it was only this weekend that I realised I have not posted since September! Time flies and truly waits for no man particularly if you are trying to write something constructive and worth reading. I will leave the latter for you to decide.

Anyway, Miskin Manor is located just off the M4 on the A4119 near Llantrisant. A lovely country hotel which up until recently I had never visited. Our office decided that this would be a good place for our Christmas meal and so off we went. I must admit to my usual trepidation on the old fixed price menu thing.

However there did appear to be a good selection to choose from. At £40 per head I was expecting something rather special and I must say I was not disappointed. From the makrel starter through to the coffee the food was a delight and the front of house team were attentive but not pushy. There timing was spot on with just enough time left between courses to allow for digestion and conversation to be at a premium.

Smoked makrel

I chose the starter of Smoked makrel with a micro salad and boiled quails eggs. The fish was smoked to perfection though for my taste the egg was slightly overdone.

Having said that, each to their own and the flavour combinations were excellent.

I am not normally a salad lover but the leaves were a perfect accompaniment to the fish.

It was at this point that my evening stepped up a gear. One of my colleagues had ordered white onion soup with parmessan. She does not like chees and found the dish overpowering. I dear friends did not and purly in the name of gastronomic research I proceded to consume a second starter.

I have to compliment the chef on the soup it was sublime. Just the right amount of onion and the parmessan dressing was fabulous. An extra little touch was the croutons which were like small bready (if there is such a word) icebergs. The tops were beautifully crunchy and beneath the bread had absorbed the flavours of the soup which was a delight to the palate. The texture was just right.

White Onion Soup with Parmessan and Croutons
We move on now the the main course. Choices were Turkey with the trimmings, pan fried rib eye steak (there was a £3.50 supplement for this), cajon salmon and a vegetable wellington for those of a non carnivore persuasion.

Roast Turkey and Trimmings
As you can see from the photograph I opted for the Turkey. Now as you will know if you have read this blog before I am a confirmed carnivore and am of the opion that get the meat right and most everything else will fall into place.

Boy did they get the meat right. It was beautifully cooked and they did not scrimp on the portion size either.

Served with a selection of winter vegetables which were nicely al dente, it was accompanied by two types of stuffing and the ubicquitus 'pigs in blankets'.

Appologies for the way the photograph turned out it was me who piled everthing on the plate.

A friend had the steak and so as not to miss out on a chance to further the 'best steak in Cardiff' treat I forced myself to try just a little of it.

It had just the right amount of fat running through it and was cooked just on the rare side of medium. If i wanted it be ultra picky I would have had it just a minute longer but then again I didn't order it and was just scrounging a little taste. The mushroom and shallot sauce was the perfect addition and complimented the steak beautifully.

Rib Eye Steak
Another of our number had the salmon but she was too quick for me and I only have her word for it that is was delicious.

Salmon and Crab Rissotto
The salmon was served with a crab risotto and finished with a dill butter sauce.

As you may be aware I am not a great desert lover. This is down to the fact that usually I have stuffed so much previously I am not in the mood for pud. This evening was a exception. The chocolate and chestnut cheesecake was excellent. It was served with a white chocolate and clementine mousse. Imagine a high class chocolate orange and you're not even getting close.

Chocolate and Chestnut Cheesecake
To summarise this was food of the highest quality and I would have no hesitation in visiting here again and also recommending the venue to friends and family.

One slight downside, the bar prices. £20.00 for a bottle of house white was a bit hard to swallow but being the designated driver this did not hurt yours truly!

Bon appetite.

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