Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pizza Express Cardiff Bay

My intention when I started this blog was to write about the kind of places where I would go with family and friends. In other words not always high end or posh nosh.

With this in mind welcom to my musings on Pizza Express in Cardiff Bay.

If your children like ours would live off pizza if you let them, but you want something slightly more sophisticated than 'the hut' then allow me to indulge your tastebuds. I confess I'm not a great pizza lover but this place could almost convert me. First off when we visited the service was superb. I think this is the first restaurant I have visited recently where when the drinks order was delivered it came with a jug of iced water without having to ask for it and what's more without an extra charge.

Into's and starters are resonably priced from £2.95 to a slightly eye watering £9.90 for an antipasta sharing dish. As this was a lunch visit and I was not in my usual glutton mode I chose the Bruschetta al Fungi (£4.70) and lets say I was not at all disappointed. I would infact go so far as to say it was immense! the flavour combinations were superb with just the right amount of garlic oil and balsamic dressing which packed a punch without overpowering. The mushrooms and red onion were delightful. I meant to take this photograph before starting but had one bite and just had to have another one (sorry).

You will just have to trust me on this one that it looked a lot better before yours truly stuck his knife and fork in it! Main courses are what you would expect mostly posh named pizza and the usual pasta dishes for those who are of that ilk. The pasta is not unpleasant and priced at around £9.00 not bad value for money. Pizza is, I have to say pretty impressive for flatbread with toppings. The small person who lives in our house had a meatball version (£11.75) with sweet peppers and rocket which was very palatable though he found it a little hot. It would have been plenty big enough to share though he did a good job of attacking it alone.

Mrs Tonfoodie went for a clever option which was alegedly only 500 calories. A chicken and rocket number with a hole in the middle which is then filled with salad (£9.65) not a bad effort in my uneducated book.

Desserts were the standard large chain fair with one exception which was the Dolcetti, a mini dessert in my case gelato with nougat, praline and massala wine served with a coffee of your choice (£3.95). The only draw back, not enough. Mrs T had the cheesecake (£4.95)  which I am realiably informed was 'very nice'. The mobile waste disposal of course went for the largest thing on the menu a chocolate gelato (£5.25) which he managed to polish off with remarkable ease and speed. All told a meal for three with drinks for £52.00 as I said slightly pricey but if you want pizza with that little bit extra then worth it. A venu I would definitely recommend for pre show at the Millenium Centre if you are with the children.

28A Mermaid Quay, Cardiff, South Glamorgan
029 2047 2006

Bon Appetito!

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